Changing hostname in RHEL7 / CentoS 7

Hostname is like labeling for Computers/ Other devices which is connected in internet/network.
hostname is used to identify/access the computers/devices easily in network.

Will see how to check and change the hostname in RHEL 7/ Cent OS 7

Using “hostname” command will check the existing hostname.


Will use this Network managet tool to set the hostname and it will edit the “/etc/hostname” in background.

Now the hostname has been changed ¬†from “localhost.localdomain” to “server.localdomain” and by ¬†issueing “hostname” command will check whether the change has been implemented or not. If the hostname still shows the “localhost.localdomain” old one, we should restart the hostnamed to force the change in hostnamectl.
Will check the hostname now.
Successfully hostname has been changed.

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