Linux Basic Interview Questions

Hi Everyone ! Will see Linux interview questions in this post. Many of them are getting difficulty on finding their job in Linux, without knowing the scenario-based question in Linux. So, we decided to help by sharing some Linux interview questions.

1. Explain Linux booting process: We already shared in another post regarding booting process in RHEL. Please make use of it to know brief about linux booting.

2. What is port number for http/https/nfs/dns/dhcp/telnet/ssh/ftp? https: 443, http: 80, nfs:111 and 2049, DNS: 245, dhcp: 546(client) 547 (server) 67  and 68

3. Explain architecture of ansible? Ansible architecture has been posted. Please read this post to know more.

4. What is split brain syndrome in vcs cluster? We already shred a post to know what is split brain syndrome in vcs. Please read that to know more.

5. How boot a linux host using old kernel, if new kernel update fails? Steps are shared in a post to know how to boot linux host with old kernel? Please read that post to know more.

6. How to enable EPEL Repository? Post contains steps to enable EPEL Repository in linux. Please read that.

7. How to increase xfs filesystem in LVM?
Please read the post Increasing LVM in xfs filesystem in our blog to know more.

8. Explain steps to configure LVM?
Please check the post which we shared earlier to know How to configure LVM?

9. What is the command to know whether one port is enabled or not in Linux? 
netstat command will help to know the listening port and need to use grep to filter
                       #netstat -tulpn | grep 8080


Will keep on update this post and if you have any question to know answer in Linux. Please

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