Ubuntu operating system 17.04 installation

We can see How to do Ubuntu operating system 17.04 installation in this post.
Step 1 :
Boot the machine using OS media and click on “Install Ubuntu”.

Ubuntu operating system 17.04 installation

Step 2:  Now select the language and click on continue to proceed further.

Step 3:  We could see there are two check box which is mentioning here to enable the “Downloading                 updates while installation and Third party software installation” by checking this two box.

Step 4:  Now in next screen will ask for installation type. On this screen select as per your requirement. I’m going to select “Something else” option and click continue.

Step 5: Select the free space and click on “+”

Step 6:  Provide the required information to create root(/) file system and click ok.

Step 7:  Follow above step to create filesystem whatever you want and here i am create one more directory called “swap”  which doesn’t have filesystem type and it is called as virtual memory as well.

Step 8: Now you could see the created filesystem lists like below.

Step 9:  Click on “Install now” to continue with installation and click continue to confirm the changes.

Step 10: Select the time zone from next screen.

Step 11:  Than select Keyboard layout language.

Step 12:  Provide the username details which we need to create new user and which will help us to manage the system(This is not a default administrator – root) and click continue.

Step 13:  Finally files will be copied from the media to our hard disk and will ask for reboot as a final step.

Now the Ubuntu 17.04 has been installed successfully and ready to use.

Thanks for supporting.

Reference: Ubuntu Docs

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