Introduction to kubernetes

                 Using this will automate the deployment, scaling, management of containerized applications and etc.
                It will create containers which will help to easy management and discovering applications as logical units.

                As its a cloud system, it can be accessible from anywhere. It will support on-premise, hybrid and public cloud infrastructure. It will reduce ops count for operations.


Automatic binpacking
Horizontal scaling
Service discovery and load balancing
Automated rollouts and rollbacks
Secret and configuration management
Storage orchestration
Batch execution

         We will help you to know the basic of kubernetes cluster system with background, concepts of kubernetes, Deploy a containerized application, Scale the deployment, Update and debug the applications.

Modules of Kubernetes:

1. Create a kubernetes cluster
2. Deploy a application
3. Explore your application
4. Explore your application publicly
5. Scale up your application
6. Update your application

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