Cloud – Open Stack

Will talk about Cloud – Open Stack in this post.
What is Cloud ?

Cloud is loaded terminal. Cloud is convenient, on demand network access to a share pool of configurable computing service. that include application/services.



Cloud types:

Private cloud
Public cloud
Hybrid cloud

What is private cloud?

Private Cloud will provide all basic benefits of public cloud like below.
Service and scalability, multi-tenancy, ability to provision machines, changing computing resources ondemand and creating multiple machines for complete jobs.
In this cloud type limited people only will able to access web based apps/websites.


We need staffing system and will be handled and managed by third party service.


To reduce implementing Rack space and VMWare by deploying private cloud.

What is Public cloud?

Public cloud is a standard cloud computing. In this method service provider have to provide all the resources like application, Hardware’s,etc.. and
its available in public over the internet.
This service could be a free a service or payable service.


Expense is low because of provider will pay for hardware,application and bandwidth.
Easy to access.
Resources usage is low.

Example: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Sun Cloud, Google AppEngine, etc…

What is Hybrid Cloud?

In hybrid cloud organizations will deploy their apps in Private and Public cloud both.
So, it’s maintained by both provider internal and external.

Dynamic or changeable applications using this module cloud. Application might be deployed in private cloud and it will access public cloud resources when the computing demand is high. To connect Private and Public cloud resources, hybrid cloud is required.

Other topics will be covered in next post

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